Hickory Shafted Putter

Hickory Shafted Putter



Antique Hickory Golf Club, Perwhit Putter.
An unusual left-handed Perwhit putter by Hendry and Bishop with a cylinder face with hand punched face markings. The club has a hickory shaft with a polished leather grip. The recess in the back of the blade is stamped "The PerWhit Putter, Pat No. 247116, Made in Scotland, Warranted Hand Forged" along with the 'Bishop's Mitre' cleek mark of Hendry and Bishop. The convex face of the putter was designed to help the golfer to strike the ball with the same face angle even when the player's stroke might vary the position of the blade. The whole crescent shape of the putter was also, with the help of the rounded bottom of the blade, to prevent the blade from snagging the turf in either the backwards or forwards swing.

Albert Frederick John Percival and Ernest Robert Whitcombe received a British patent for the "Perwhit putter" (No. 247,116) dated February 11, 1926.

Hendry and Bishop, Edinburgh and Leith, first produced 'Mitre Brand' clubs in about 1910, however the actual words were not added to the stamp until 1926.


Height 89 cm / 35 "