Roland Ward of The Jungle in Piccadilly, Peter Spicer & Sons of Leamington Spa or Van Ingen of Mysore are some of the most famous taxidermists of the 19th and 20th century. The Victorian era was the golden age of natural history collecting, when mounted animals became a popular part of interior design and décor. Products of the great taxidermists are rare, it is easy to find a poorly stuffed squirrel or barn owl but to find one from the greats, produced to the highest standards and in first class condition is difficult. We like to have items in stock that are collectable as well as decorative. Game Birds like pheasants, Birds of Prey such as Eagles or Kites and Buzzards all make beautiful displays. There are then the wonderful mounts of native animals, 'Royal' Stags, Roe Deer or Fox masks or the exotic African Buffalo and Antelopes. We do not deal in taxidermy of endangered species unless they are before 1948. So no Tigers, Rhino's or Elephant tusks. Excellent examples of taxidermy of many species from all continents can be seen in the Rothchild museum which was the greatest private natural history collection ever put together by one person (Lionel Walter Rothschild) and housed it in his own museum in Tring, in Hertfordshire, England. He bequeathed the museum and its collections to the Trustees of the British Natural History Museum in his will.

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