Antique Golf Club, Steel "Spring Faced" Cleek With Short Hosel.

Antique Golf Club, Steel "Spring Faced" Cleek With Short Hosel.

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A.G. Spalding & Bros. Spring Faced Golf Club Iron, Cleek.
A rare spring face cleek golf club with hickory shaft with a brittle rubber grip. The club is based on the principle of the 'Cran cleek', but instead of a wood face insert Spadling uses a steel one. There are six rivets located around the edge of the corrugated steel face which hold it in place. It is thought that it is a hollow steel head filled with gutta percha with the club face riveted in place. The club is fitted with a short drilled-through hosel after the patent socket by Thomas Carruthers (British patent No. 19,684, dated December 3rd 1890). There is some marking on the rear of the club but is indecipherable, only 'Cleek' is clear, possibly 'special' & 'London' can be made out. A rare and unusual club, ideal addition to a golf club collection.

Spalding's club was one of the few patent clubs with a long production, first being introduced in 1902 and last seen in Spalding's Fall & Winter catalogue of 1919.


Height 101.5 cm / 40 "
Width 9 cm / 3 "
Depth 2 cm / 1"



Circa 1905


Hickory & steel


United Kingdom


Pitted club head, brittle rubber grip.