Hickory Golf Tournament

Hickory Golf Tournament



Hickory Golf Tournament.
Since 2004 we have held an annual golf tournament; 'The Schotten Hickory Challenge', where entrants play with original hickory-shafted golf clubs and dress in vintage costume. Due to the success of these golf days we are now offering you the opportunity to enjoy playing with the old 'hickories' as well.
To make your golf day that little bit extra special why not play with a set of old hickory-shafted golf clubs. The enjoyment of going back in time and playing with the 'hickories' is ideal for a corporate golf day, or even as part of your Golf Clubs celebrations.
We have over sixty sets ready for a round of golf, a few of which are left-handed.
Each set comes in an old style pencil bag with authentic 1920's hickory clubs. The bag will contain at least five clubs to enable you to play a round of golf.
The 'hickories' found in the bags come in different combinations of the following: -
Driver, Brassie, Mid Iron, Mashie, Mashie -Niblick, Niblick and Putter.
We can also supply you with trophies as well as old fashion golf balls with your own logo or Club name if you wish.
If you would like to experience a 'hickory golf day' then please feel free to contact us to discus your needs.

Please view the film on our website of the 2008 Schotten Hickory Challenge to get a feel for what an excellent and memorable golf day you can experience for yourself.