Set Of Eight Hickory Shafted Irons By Robert Forgan Of St Andrews.

Set Of Eight Hickory Shafted Irons By Robert Forgan Of St Andrews.



Full Set of Golf Clubs, Hickory Irons, Forgan.
A good set of eight hickory shafted irons by Forgan. This is a great set of golf clubs to play hickory golf with. The set comprises of irons from 1 to 8. All the irons are clearly stamped 'FORGAN', Gold Medal Matched Set, with the Forgan 'Flag Stick' cleekmark. The set was retailed by H. J. Gray & Sons Ltd., Cambridge. The clubs are with line face markings, hickory shafts and old leather grips. The shafts have been strengthened with whipping at the bases; the 1 iron had a slight crack at the base that has been glued up. Two of the clubs (4 & 7) have been re-shafted at sometime.

This set is great for playing hickory golf with; all that's needed is a putter, driver and brassie to finish off the set. The best balls for hickory play are low compression golf balls that will give at impact, such as ladies balls or soft feel balls.

Robert Forgan is one of the most famous club makers, and started working for his uncle Hugh Philp in 1852. Philp was renowned as one of the best wooden club makers around. When Philp died in 1856 Forgan took over the business. Many of the other great club makers such as Auchterlonie and Anderson learned their trade with Forgan before setting up on their own. Robert Forgan became clubmaker to HRH Prince of Wales in 1863 and used the prince's plume of three feathers as his mark until 1901, when upon the Prince became King Edward his mark changed to the 'King's Crown'. The 'Flag Stick' cleekmark was first used by James Spence in around 1920. Forgan then used the mark from 1926 when he bought out Spence's forge, the mark was also used well into the steel shafted era.