Spence & Gourlay Mashie Niblick Sunday Club, Golf Walking Stick, St Andrews

Spence & Gourlay Mashie Niblick Sunday Club, Golf Walking Stick, St Andrews

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Antique Mashie Niblick Sunday Club, Golf Club Walking Stick.
A desirable walking cane with the handle in the shape of a golf club head made by the St Andrews club makers Spence and Gourlay. The gentleman's walking stick has an iron club head handle stamped 'W.R, Spence and Gourlay, St Andrews, Mashie Niblick' with their cleek mark of a club (one of the suits from playing cards) with their initial S & G and finished with a brass ferrule end. The club head retains most of the original chrome finish and is attached to a hickory shaft.

The ban on golfing on the Sabbath, Sunday, had the effect of the club makers producing walking sticks for canny golfers. They fashioned the canes with a golf club head as a handle and they became known as 'Sunday Clubs' or 'Sabbath sticks'. It is said that on the Sabbath a Sunday Club owner, when nobody was looking, could still enjoy a crafty putt or swing.

Spence & Gourlay.
Founded in the mid 1890's by James Hampton Spence and George Longburn Gourlay operating out of the old lifeboat shed at St Andrews. They built up a very good reputation as making beautiful irons, but like many clubmaking firms, WWI put a stop to business. After the war James Spence continued to produce iron cleek heads but without his partner. He took on a new cleek mark of a 'flag stick' in the hole which was registered in 1922. He sold his business in the late 1920's to Robert Forgan & Son who then adopted the 'flag stick' cleek mark as their own.


Height 86.5 cm / 34 14"
Width 7.5 cm / 3 "
Depth 1.5 cm / "



Circa 1910


Hickory & metal




Spence and Gourlay


John Hanna


John Hanna golf collection


Very good, new brass ferrule, loss of some of the original chrome finish.