The Kadir Cup – Pig Sticking Print.

The Kadir Cup – Pig Sticking Print.



The Kadir Cup – Pig Sticking Print.
A very good framed picture of an old and rare subject 'Pig Sticking'. The original painting was by Lt. General Rimington, C.V.O., C.B. and this print has been reproduced and published by Geo. Pulman & Sons, Ltd., London. No. 54 – Copyright is printed in the corner. The print is of the 1912 Kadir Cup (pronounced 'carder') and shows a heat of the competition taking place, the beaters are shown in the bushes with the spectators on elephants.

Image size: 15 ¾ inches wide by 8 ½ inches high.

The Kadir Cup started in 1879 and was an annually held event in Meerut near Delhi, except in the years when the Army was at war. It was a contest for individuals and was held over four days with each individual making an entry in his name and nominating two horses. The riders were divided into heats of three to four spears with each hunter on horseback carrying a 6' spear. When a boar was flushed out the men galloped off to spear it with umpires supervising the hunt with the first rider to hold up a bloodied spear going into the next round of the competition. Round followed round until the final was reached. In case both horses entered by a rider found themselves drawn in one heat, the owner could nominate another spear to ride one of them, with the stipulation being that the other spear had to be heavier than him! Each contestant would pay an entry fee with the winner receiving the entry fees with which he bought a replica of the original trophy to which his name was inscribed.

The Kadir Cup is the highest honour in the sport of pig-sticking or hog-hunting and the ultimate ambition of any pig sticker was to win it. The most famous winner of the cup being Sir Robert Baden-Powell in 1883 (Lord Baden-Powell was a lieutenant-general in the British Army in India and Africa, and was the founder of the Scout Movement in 1906), he wrote a book on the sport called 'Pig-Sticking or Hog-Hunting: A Complete Account for Sportsmen - And Others', published in 1924.

On the Colonial Film: Moving Images of the British Empire website footage of the 1934 annual Raj sporting event, the Kadir Cup Meeting can be found. It shows competitors and visitors travelling on elephants to the location of the race for the Hog Hunters Cup, a pig sticking competition.

This is the link to that footage:


Height 42 cm / 16 "
Width 57.5 cm / 22 34"