Farlow Line Winder, Sextile

Farlow Line Winder, Sextile



Farlow 'Sextile' Line Dryer.
An early rare brass line winder made by Farlow & Co. Ltd., called the 'Sextile'. The dryer of brass construction with 6 collapsible slotted arms, ebonite handle on crank winding arm stamped with Farlow's name and Reg. No. 504940. There is a 'G' clamp with brass thumb locking screw to secure the line winder to a table or shelf.
How to use Farlow's "SEXTILE" line drier.
Screw the 'G' clamp firmly to a table of shelf. Expand the frame to the size required and fix it firmly in that position with the winged screw. Attach the end of the line to one of the outside bars and wind off the portion of line to be dealt with. To lock the frame into position, lift the small brass arm on the top of the 'G' clamp over one of the slotted arms.
To ascertain the length of line, fix the sliding collar just clear of the 2 feet mark, count the number of turns needed to wind up the line, and that number doubled will give the length in FEET.
If more than one line is to be dried, tie the coil of line round in three or four places with tape or string before removing from the frame. To remove from the frame release the winged screw and pull the collar towards the handle. This will reduce the circumference, and the coil of line can be lifted off and hung up or placed in a safe position. This process can then be repeated as often as necessary. Made by C. Farlow & Co., Ltd., 10 Charles Street, St. James's Square, S.W., and at 191, Strand, W.C., London.

Size when collapsed:- 10 ½" by 3 ½" by 3 ½".

Linewinders were an important tool in the days of silk line when one had to take the line off the reel for drying. It still is very useful today to put the fishing line from one reel to another.


Height 28 cm / 11 "
Width 28 cm / 11 "
Depth 25.5 cm / 10 "

Circa 1910




Farlow & Co. Ltd.