Rowland Ward Trophy Fish Model

Rowland Ward Trophy Fish Model



Rowland Ward Brown Trout Trophy Fish Model.
An excellent moulded brown trout on original bevelled edged oak backboard by the renowned British taxidermist, Rowland Ward of Piccadilly, London. The 3/4 block fish is made of papier maché and is with the dorsal fin, adipose fin, pectoral fin, pelvic fin, anal fin and tail fin. The fish is beautifully executed and painted to a high standard with naturalistic colours. To the front of the back board is painted the inscription '3 LBS. 10ozs. D.J st. M.T., River Mimram, August 1926' the rear with a Rowland Ward's 'The Jungle' paper trade label.

Rowland Ward (1848 – 1912) was the founder of the world-renowned taxidermy firm 'Rowland Ward Ltd'. They were located in Piccadilly and specialized in big game trophies, but they took on all aspects of taxidermy. Rowland learned his craft from his father, Henry, who was also a well-known taxidermist in his day, as did his brother Edwin. Rowland started out on his own in about 1872 at premises in Harley Street trading as 'J Rowland Ward', his real name was actually James Rowland Ward. A few years later he moved from Harley Street (although he retained these premises until his death) to Piccadilly and traded under the name 'Ward & Co. Ltd'. In 1898 the business was again renamed and became 'Rowland Ward Ltd.', at which it remained.


Height 29.5 cm / 11 "
Width 63 cm / 25"
Depth 9 cm / 3 "