Tommy Green & Sissey Lofter, Schoenhut Golf Toys

Tommy Green & Sissey Lofter, Schoenhut Golf Toys


A pair of Schoenhut Indoor Golf Toys.
One of the indoor golfers is called Tommy Green whilst the other is Sissie Lofter. They are both wooden golfing figures attached to a wooden shaft and their golf clubs swing using a trigger mechanism. Each figure is 6 ½" tall and attached to a 30" shaft. They both have removable golf clubs and the maker's original metal plaque with the inscription: "Manufactured by THE A.SCHOENHUT CO., PHILA. PA, PAT. U.S.A. March 14, 1922, Foreign patents pending". The golfers come in very good original but used condition. These are very good examples of the Schoenhut Golf Toys and are highly collectable.

Size 91½cm, 36".


Width 91.5 cm / 36 "


Champions, Hookers & Dew Sweepers No.71