One Piece Golf Club by B.G.I. Co; Dunn.

One Piece Golf Club by B.G.I. Co; Dunn.



Antique Hickory Golf Club, One Piece Club, B.G.I. Co., Dunn.
The B.G.I. hickory one piece driver is truly a collector's item. It is in extremely good original condition with leather face insert and lead weight to the rear of the club head. The top of the head is marked "B.G.I.Co., Trademark, Mitchell Manchester" along with the makers cleek mark of the "Rampant Lion". The shaft is stamped "Mitchell Manchester, 501" and has a replaced polished leather grip.
The U.S cleek mark of the "Rampant Lion" was registered by the Dunn's around the late 1890's, and the "B.G.I." stamp surrounded by two arrows was also in use from that time.

The Dunn's were responsible for the popularity of one piece woods first in Great Britain and then in the states when they arrived to set up business and subsequently worked for BGI, Spalding and MacGregor. The clubs were produced from around 1894 until 1902.

B.G.I. Co. (Bridgeport Gun Implement) was an American company and was run by John Duncan Dunn and his uncle Willie Dunn Jr. and was one of the few American companies founded before 1900. Originally before selling golf clubs they sold firearms and stopped selling clubs around 1906.


Height 112 cm / 44 14"