Antique Golf Club, Robert Forgan Of St Andrews

Antique Golf Club, Robert Forgan Of St Andrews


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Antique Long Nose, Deep Faced Golf Club, Robert Forgan, St Andrews.
A very good beechwood long nose deep face golf club, long spoon by Robert Forgan of St Andrews. This great looking club has lead weight to the rear and the traditional horn slip along the leading edge of the sole with full brass sole plate. The polished head is stamped 'R. Forgan' with a faint Prince of Wales feathers stamp below. The original shaft is stamped R.Forgan & Son St Andrews with a suede leather grip. Robert Forgan became clubmaker to HRH Prince of Wales in 1863 and used the prince's plume of three feathers as his mark until 1901, when upon the Prince became King Edward his mark changed to the 'King's Crown'.
This is a very nice example of a long nose golf club from the 1880's in excellent condition.

Approximate head size:-
a = 7.5cm
b = 3.5cm
c = 4.4cm

The early clubs are made with long slender shallow-faced heads with an ash or hickory shaft glued to the head by means of a splice or scare joint. This joint is then further strengthened by whipping with a pitched thread. All beautifully hand made by craftsmen of the time.


Height 110 cm / 43 516"
Width 10 cm / 3 2932"
Depth 3.5 cm / 1 1332"



C. 1880's


Beech and Hickory




This club is in excellent original condition