Cast Iron Gutty Golf Ball Press

Cast Iron Gutty Golf Ball Press



Vintage Golf Ball Press.
A heavy duty cast iron gutty golf ball press for early golf ball moulds. The tap handled screw down press is horse shoe shaped and is for mounting onto a work bench. To make a gutty golf ball first the gutta-percha was heated and loosely rolled into a ball shape. The 'ball' was then put into a two part mould and then placed into a press. The handle on the press would be wound down tightly pressing the two halves of the mould together. The mould would imprint the pattern onto the ball and the excess would squeeze out of the sides. The seams were then trimmed when cool, leaving a hard and non-brittle "Gutty" golf ball.
The paint on this late 19th Century press has been refinished.

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Height 30.5 cm / 12 14"
Width 27.5 cm / 11"
Depth 18 cm / 7 14"