Medina Style Articulated Fish

Medina Style Articulated Fish



Rare Medina Style Articulated Fish.
A late 19th/early 20th century metal articulated Medina fish. The fish is made most probably of brass with a wonderful patina. The head is with red eyes and fins, connected to an articulated body with tail fin. The fish is in excellent condition and moves freely. From what I can see the scales are all there bar a few by the tail, making this an extremely fine example. The fish is able to realistically move because of the 56 high quality graduating metal rings (scales) with woven brass links top and bottom. This is a very tactile fish sculpture that appeals not just to the angler.

There are three other Medina Style Articulated Fish available, see group photo.

This type of articulated fish gets its name from six examples recovered from the wreck of SS Medina. The ship was torpedoed in 1917 whilst returning from India with former governor of Calcutta Lord Carmichael other belongings. Images can be found on page 183 of "Fishing Tackle, A Collector's Guide by Graham Turner", with more information on page 232.


Height 40.5 cm / 16"
Width 6 cm / 2 "
Depth 6 cm / 2 "

1930 circa




very good