Swaine & Adeney, Kohler & Son, Copper Hunting Horn

Swaine & Adeney, Kohler & Son, Copper Hunting Horn



Vintage Swaine & Adeney, Kohler & Son, Copper Hunting Horn.
A fine vintage copper hunting horn, the mouthpiece and part of the stem are nickel plated. The horn marked 'Swaine & Adeney, 185 Piccadilly, London, proprietors of, Kohler & Son, Made in England' with the medal stamp 1851 – 1862. The marks on the horn are clearly stamped and it is in very good condition. A small piece of nickel plating is missing and there are a couple of very small dents.

Taken from an old 'Swaine Adeney Brigg' catalogue:
'Swaine & Adeney and Thomas Brigg & Sons amalgamated in 1943 in accordance with Government war-time policy, and thus was inaugurated a happy working partnership for both these old established houses.
James Ross founded the business of Whip Maker in 1750 and was succeeded by James Swaine in 1790. In 1840 the firm became Swaine & Adeney. The original founder, Ross, was honoured by Royal Warrant of Appointment as Whipmaker to H.M. King George III and the firm has been a Warrant Holder continuously since those days.
Mr. G.L. Adeney is a direct descendant of James Swaine, thus preserving an unbroken family connection since 1790.
The business of Thomas Brigg & Sons was established by Thomas Brigg, great-grandfather of the present Mr. B.W. Brigg.
Their first Royal Warrant of Appointment as Umbrella Makers was to H.M. Queen Victoria, and the most recent to H.M. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

Kohler & Sons were manufacturers of horns from around 1780 up until 1907.
The company achieved Royal Appointment in 1801. They were registered at various addresses over the years one of the earliest being Whitcomb Street London, 1790-1793. Horns made between 1830 - 1863 usually carried the 35 Henrietta Street address and after 1851-62 the Exhibition medals. Horns made between 1863 & 1881 carried the 12 Great Chapel Street , Westminster address.The Kohler inscription became Kohler & Son in 1863. Horns made between 1882 & 1888 were marked with the 116 Victoria Street , Westminster address . From 1888 to 1896 the address changed to 61 Victoria Street. The address between 1902 & 1904 was 167 Edbury Street , Eaton Square , London. The 185 Piccadilly , Covent Garden address was from 1905 until 1907, and in 1907 the company was acquired by Swaine & Adeney.


Height 25 cm / 10"
Diameter 6 cm / 2 "

Circa 1875