Leon Paul Fencing Display

Leon Paul Fencing Display



Vintage Leon Paul Fencing Display.
A nice display of vintage fencing equipment by Leon Paul. The wall display is of two crossed foils with white fencing mask. The pair of fencing foils are with Italian style guards, steel bowl hand guard with leather padding, cross guard, wooden handles with carved diamond decoration and steel pommel. The blades are marked 'Leon Paul' within an oval. The traditional white mask is with a mesh steel shell, padded bib and padded head support. Stitched onto the bib of the mask is the fabric trade label for 'LEON PAUL, 39 Neal St, LONDON, WC2.'
A nice decorative fencing wall display.

Taken from the Leon Paul website:-

Leon Paul Fencing Equipment has always been a company run by competitive fencers. Members of the family have competed in 20 Olympic Games and 30 World Championships and have won 25 national titles.
The Paul family has been a part of British fencing for almost a century. It began in 1905 with the arrival of a 24 year old French officer from Perpignan. Leon first visited England as part of his grand tour of Europe after leaving the French army with a fencing diploma. Twenty years later, he founded Leon Paul Equipment with his wife Anna. 'Nanna' Paul looked after the clothing side, while Leon, or 'Papa' Paul as he was known, would come home after a long day's teaching and work into the night assembling weapons and masks.
Totally immersed in fencing from birth, it was perhaps inevitable that their sons, Rene and Raymond, would enter the business and continue its expansion.
Today, a fourth generation company, we are still run by fencers, for fencers. Our long term involvement in fencing has given the company a unique insight into the requirements of fencers, resulting in a stream of innovations over the years.