Miniature Snowshoes

Miniature Snowshoes

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Vintage Miniature Wooden Ojibwa Snowshoes.
An attractive and extremely rare pair of miniature pointed tipped Ojibwa snowshoes, also known as Aagimug, Chippewa, Cree or Ski-Snowshoe. The 35cm long snow shoes are constructed from two separate pieces of bent wood, possibly ash, joined at the two ends and with two stretchers in the middle. They have delicate interlaced latticework and red wool tassels (pompoms) fitted to the outer edge of the frame. They are with the classic pointed tip's with an upturned toe, the normal size snowshoes were originally designed in Canada by Native Indians to suit deep snows and wide open spaces. The snowshoe is designed for walking over snow and works by distributing the weight of the person over a larger area so that the person's foot does not sink completely into the snow, with the idea of the pointed tips helping to ease the wearers path through snow and brush and the tail acts to provide forward 'kick' to propel the next step while lessening fatigue.

Snowshoes were a common form of transport and sport amongst North American natives and were later taken up by settlers like fur trappers. Snow shoeing later became a weekend sporting activity that is still very popular in America and now also in the Alps.


Height 35 cm / 14"
Width 12 cm / 4 34"
Depth 5 cm / 2 "



Circa 1870






In good condition with some wear. Please see images.