The Renshaw Lawn Tennis Racket

The Renshaw Lawn Tennis Racket

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Early Wooden Lawn Tennis Racket, The Renshaw.
A fine example of a long shaped head wooden framed lawn tennis racket. A nice ash framed racket with convex wedge. The walnut wedge is embossed 'The Renshaw' as is the top of the frame. It is known that in 1888, as new, Slazenger offered a racket called 'The Renshaw' The racquet has a good straight frame with the original white gut stringing with three rows of red trebling to the top and bottom. The leather butt cap is original. The side of the handle stamped 13 ½. A nice clean racket, retailer or manufacturer unknown, stringing original but damaged.

The racket is named after the 'Renshaw Brothers' who were twins who dominated Wimbledon in the 1880s. William Charles and James Ernest, were born on 3 January 1861, in Holly Walk, Leamington in the central English county of Warwickshire. Ernest died in 1899 and his brother, William five years later. They are often credited with transforming tennis into a spectator sport.
William won the Wimbledon singles championship seven times (1881-86 and 1889), he defeated his brother in the finals three times. Ernest was victorious in 1888, and together they won the British doubles championship seven times. They introduced hard serves and volleys when they first appeared in Wimbledon in 1880.


Height 70 cm / 27 34"
Width 21 cm / 8 12"
Depth 3.5 cm / 1 "





Ash & walnut


United Kingdom


Stringing damaged but original.