Heron In Glazed Case

Heron In Glazed Case



Vintage Taxidermy, Grey Heron by A.C. Foot.
A well prepared early 20th century cased Heron. The Heron mounted in a naturalistic setting, modelled amongst fine groundwork all against a painted backdrop. The bird is displayed in original black case with glazed front, Foot trade label to rear. The label reads 'A. C. Foot, Bird & Animal Preserver, Terrace Walk, North Parade, Bath. All kinds of Skins Dressed, Cleaned, and Converted into Carriage Rugs, &c. Glass Shades, Round, Oval or Square. The Largest Stock in the City'.

The Bath taxidermist, A. C. Foot, is known to have been in business as early as 1876 and ended around the 1890's. 

Grey herons are unmistakeable with their grey, black and white feathering, long legs and long beak. They can stand with their neck stretched out, looking for food, or hunched down with their neck bent over their chest. Although herons resemble birds in other families such as storks and cranes, they differ as they fly with their necks retracted rather than outstretched like the others. They can be found at any time of year around any kind of water, garden ponds, lakes, rivers and even on estuaries. Herons eat lots of fish, but are also known to eat small birds such as ducklings, small mammals like voles, and even amphibians. During harvest grey herons can sometimes be seen in fields looking for rodents to eat.


Height 75 cm / 29 "
Width 72.5 cm / 28 "
Depth 22.5 cm / 9"



A. C. Foot trade label


Very good