Fishtail Lawn Tennis Racket, The Match

Fishtail Lawn Tennis Racket, The Match


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The 'Match' Wooden Framed Lawn Tennis Racket.
A good wooden framed tennis racket called The 'Match'. The concave throat with embossed name in gilt 'Match'. The ash frame with chamfered inside edge, clean and in good condition although with slight warp. Has the original shoulder wrappings and a very nice, crisp shaped fishtail grip. The racquet has two central double main strings, white vertical gut stringing, green horizontals, and two rows of green trebling to the top with three to the bottom. Some of the strings with damage but it is a nice looking racket.

The fishtail (fish tail) was an innovation in the Victorian period and was an attractive gimmick to help tennis players to grip their rackets. They were manufactured approximately from the 1890's to the 1920's and their shapely handle is always an attraction to the collector.


Height 67.5 cm / 26 1932"
Width 23.5 cm / 9 516"
Depth 3.5 cm / 1 1332"



c. 1920's




United Kingdom


Slight warping to frame, some broken stringing.