Pocket Barometer, Compensirt and Thermometer

Pocket Barometer, Compensirt and Thermometer



Pocket Barometer and Thermometer.
A fine example of a Victorian pocket barometric altimeter and Centigrade thermometer in a tan leather case. The mercury filled thermometer is calibrated from 40 °C to -20 °C. The barometer is with a rotating altimeter scale, the dial is silvered with black lettering, the hand is blued steel and the face is marked "Compensirt" (indicating it is compensated for temperature fluctuations) and No.1570. The outer ring is marked 0 to 10000 and indicates your height above sea level. The inner ring is marked 400 to 790, the bezel and outer casing rotates so you can record the relative changes in pressure or height. A nice piece of kit that would have accompanied a Victorian gentleman or lady whilst climbing, mountaineering, Skiing etc.


Circa 1900