Fishing Scales by Farlow

Fishing Scales by Farlow



Fishing Scales by Farlow of London in Leather Case.
A very rare set of fish weighing scales in original leather case. The case and scales with makers name engraved, "Cha' Farlow & Co. Makers, The Strand, London."

Farlow and Hardy stand shoulder to shoulder in the world of fishing tackle manufactures; both are renowned for excellent quality, and they are both highly collectable. Charles Farlow started his game fishing tackle business in 1840. He traded under the name C. Farlow at 221, The Strand, London. In 1852 the local authority changed the address to 191, The Strand. In around 1885 he started to trade under the business name C. Farlow & Co. and operated with that name until it became a limited company in 1894. Upon his death in 1895 two sons Charles Paas and John Ambrose took over and became joint governing directors.