Asprey's Cartridge Placefinder

Asprey's Cartridge Placefinder



Vintage Asprey's Cartridge Placefinder
A well crafted and engineered 1930's shooting place finder or butt marker in the shape of a 12 bore shotgun cartridge. The cartridge is made of brass/gun metal by Asprey of London. When twisting the cartridge base the top twists up and reveals 8 removable numbered pegs. The top is inscribed with 'Loaded by Asprey, Smokeless, with the number 6 in the middle of a triangle', whilst the bottom is inscribed with 'Asprey's Cartridge Placefinder'.
The numbered pegs are randomly inserted into the cartridge, number side down. Each shooter then takes their turn to draw a peg and the revealed number shows the actual shooting position (butt) that they will use for the first drive. Placefinders were very popular from the 1900's and are making a resurgence today, with many shooters looking out for good antique examples.


Height 6.5 cm / 2 34"
Diameter 2 cm / 1"