Tom Stewart Diamond Back Hickory Golf Club

Tom Stewart Diamond Back Hickory Golf Club



Vintage Hickory Golf Club by Tom Stewart, St Andrews.
A diamond back Mid iron by Tom Stewart of St. Andrews and retailed by Lane Crawford Ltd., Hong Kong. The hickory shaft stamped 'T. Auchterlonie, St Andrews, and fitted with a suede leather grip. The club face with dot punched markings and the rear of the club head with the 'PIPE' cleek mark of Tom Stewart with the phrase 'T.S.St.A.REG.TRADEMARK'. The 'pipe' mark on its own was in use from 1893 to 1905, it was from 1905 and onwards that the phrase was added. It also has 'Hand Forged, Made in Scotland, MID IRON, Special' and in an oval 'Lane Crawford Ltd., Hong Kong' stamped on the back of the club head.

A great Mid iron in original condition and very usable for modern hickory play. Approximate 32° loft.

If you are wishing to play some hickory golf the best balls to play with are low compression balls that will give at impact, such as ladies balls or soft feel balls.

Lane Crawford Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in 1850 and is a retail company with speciality stores selling luxury goods in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Established by two Scots, Thomas Ash Lane and Ninian Crawford, Lane Crawford Ltd. opened a shop in a makeshift bamboo structure on the waterfront of what is now Des Voeux Road. Since that time, Lane Crawford has occupied a number of prime retail sites along Des Voeux Road and Queen's Road Central; in the early 1900's it also had stores in Guangzhou and Shanghai in China, and Kobe and Tokyo in Japan. It has been a tailor, and outfitter, a draper, a provisions dealer, a wine and spirits merchant, an auctioneer of antiques, a baker, a restaurant and a bar.
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Height 96.5 cm / 38 "



Circa 1910




Good usable condition