The Scuffler, Rivers-Zambra Approach Putter

The Scuffler, Rivers-Zambra Approach Putter



Hickory Shafted Golf Club, Rivers-Zambra Approach Putter.
A good original example of 'The Scuffler' by the Stadium Golf Co. This is an unusual chipper with a unique head shape having a low profile blade with 25° lofted face, with the face, crown, back and sole all being flat. The face with square dot punched markings. The club head stamped with the 'anchor' mark of the Stadium Golf Co., London. Stadium did not forge their own club heads, but instead had them made by the well known cleek makers, the Gourlays.
The Gourlay family came from Carnoustie and both father and son were named James. One of their cleek marks was also an 'anchor' but of a slightly different design to that of the Stadium Co. that came into use circa 1925. The Gourlays also forged heads for other makers, most notably Robert Simpson.
This club was made for Jack R. Smith who was the professional at Hayling Island G.C. Jack was first an assistant to his brother, William, who started at Hayling Island in 1912 and then took over as professional in 1921 when William left. The club head and shaft are both stamped with Smith's details. Also stamped on the club head are 'Rivers-Zambra Approach Putter, RegD No.740870, 'Anchor' cleek mark, warranted rustless iron, guaranteed hand forged, The Scuffler'. The hosel is oval and is fitted to the original hickory shaft which has a polished leather grip.


Height 89.5 cm / 35 "

Circa 1930






Very good