Set Of Eight Hickory Golf Clubs

Set Of Eight Hickory Golf Clubs



Set of Playable Wisden Hickory Golf Clubs.
A good playable set of eight hickory shafted golf clubs just ready to hit the fairways with. The set comprises of three woods, No.4 iron, Mashie, Mashie-Niblick, Niblick and Putter. The clubs are in excellent usable condition with the woods having their original polished leather grips, all other clubs with new suede leather grips. The metal head clubs are with dot punched face markings except the No.4 iron which has line markings. They are marked 'John Wisden & Co. Ltd.' apart from the putter which is by 'A.E. Frost' of Hainault Forest Golf Club. The woods are made by A.G. Spalding & Bros. This set is great for playing hickory golf as the irons have a bevelled heel and toe so most of the weight is positioned in the center of the sole; the best balls for hickory play are low compression balls that will give at impact, such as ladies balls or soft feel balls.

The approximate measurements for the clubs are:-
No.1 wood:- 6° Loft, 54° Lie.
No.2 wood:- 13° Loft, 53° Lie
No.3 wood:- 16° Loft, 56° Lie.
No.4 iron:- 26° Loft, 60° Lie.
Mashie:- 35° Loft, 62° Lie.
Mashie-Niblick:- 39 ° Loft, 62° Lie.
Niblick:- 50° Loft, 65° Lie.

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Stock No. 24246 / priced at £120 each.

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