Kolf, Les Amusemens De L'Hiver (Winter Fun), Golf Engraving

Kolf, Les Amusemens De L'Hiver (Winter Fun), Golf Engraving

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Dutch Golf Engraving By J. Aliamet, Les Amusements De L'Hiver.
Rare 18th century Dutch golf engraving by J. Aliamet depicting Dutchman playing the early form of golf on the ice near Haarlem in 1668. The engraving is taken from Adriaen van de Velde original oil painting but is printed in reverse, the Kolf engraving is entitled 'Les Amusemens De L'Hiver' (Winter Fun). A print of this engraving was published in Darwins 1920 book, A Golfers Gallery of Old Masters. The scene shows a group of four Dutch gentlemen in the foreground playing kolf, the forerunner of golf. The main player can be seen taking aim to hit the post which is next to the man standing over his right shoulder. They are eagerly watched by a young lad who has his hands in his pockets to keep warm with a Kolf club under his arms, looking as if longing to join in. Two ladies are being pushed and pulled in a wooden sledge, in the distant an outline of the Grote Kerk of Haarlem with its spindly spire is recognisable, and a nearby windmill breaks the skyline. Paintings of life on the frozen waterways of Holland were very popular and many artists, usually known for painting rivers or landscapes, produced them. Adriaen van de Velde was one of the most successful, in this picture he has concentrated on individual characters and their activities, rather than details of the icy landscape.

Extra print details:- in the bottom left 'A.V. Velde pinx', on the right 'J. Aliamet sculp'. In the center a coat of arms with the words "Dédié à Messire Louis - Antoine de la Roche, Marquis de Rambures, Maréchal de Camp des Armées du Roy. Par son très-humble et très-obeissant serviteur Aliamet. Gravé d'après le Tableau Original du Cabinet de Mr. Mariette. à Paris, chés L'Autair, Place Cambray, à L'Image St. Maur", roughly translated :- Dedicated to Messire Louis - Antoine de la Roche, Marquis de Rambures, Marshal of Camp des Armées du Roy. By his very humble and very obedient servant Aliamet. Engraved after the original Painting from the Cabinet of Mr. Mariette. In Paris, at L'Autair, Place Cambray, at L'Image St. Maur.


Height 27.5 cm / 11"
Width 36.5 cm / 14 12"
Framed height 44 cm / 17 12"
Framed width 50.5 cm / 20"
Framed depth 2 cm / 1"



Circa 1750's






In good condition