Vintage Strung Table Tennis Rackets

Vintage Strung Table Tennis Rackets

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Antique Pair Of Table Tennis Rackets, Ping Pong Bats.
A rare pair of early teardrop-shaped strung 'Ping Pong' bats or rackets, unfortunately the maker is unknown. Some of the early table tennis bats were scaled down versions of lawn tennis rackets, they were even strung like their larger lawn tennis cousins. These two rackets have been strung with 'natural' gut stringing, have a walnut convex wedge with single brass screw fixing, bent ash frame and a two-piece wooden handle with leather butt cap. A great pair of rackets.

Table Tennis has been known by many names over the years including Ping Pong, Whiff-Whaff, Parlour Tennis, Indoor Tennis and Gossima. The Victorians had a craze for all sorts of parlour games, a whole number of indoor/parlour games were invented included miniaturised versions of the popular outdoor games at the time This included Tennis, Bowls and Croquet. These games were manufactured by the great games manufacturers of the time such as John Jaques and F. H. Ayres. What started out as a fun parlour game is now one of the most complex and compelling Olympic sports.
John Jaques trade marked the name 'Gossima' in around 1890 for their version of table tennis, this consisted of drum rackets and a cork ball. With the introduction of the celluloid ball in 1901 they then quickly bought the trademark to call their game "Ping Pong", the sounds "ping" and "pong" clearly heard from the rudimentary rackets used back then. Not long after, they sold this trademark to the American company Parker Brothers.


Height 43.5 cm / 17 14"
Width 15 cm / 6"
Depth 2.3 cm / 1"



Circa 1890's




United Kingdom


Good clean condition, rackets have been restrung.