F. H. Ayres Croquet - Golf Set.

F. H. Ayres Croquet - Golf Set.



Vintage Eight Mallet Croquet - Golf Set by F. H. Ayres.
A very good quality Victorian eight-mallet croquet golf set in original pine box. The mallet heads are made from boxwood and are stamped 'F. H. AYRES, LONDON', whilst the hexagonal handled shafts are made from ash. The box lid has the original green paper trade label 'Croquet – Golf'. To complete the set there are eight boxwood balls painted with different coloured single bands around their equator, six bent metal hoops with numbered red metal flags and three turned painted posts with cloth flags, two blue and the other with the French flag. This is a wonderful set in excellent condition.

F. H. Ayres was established in 1810 and manufactured golf and games as early as the 1880's. F.H.Ayres used the 'Maltese Cross' mark from about 1910, they were eventually bought out by Slazenger. Croquet had become a very popular social pastime by the 1860's and nearly every big house had a croquet lawn.

Croquet - Golf is a game with a long history and compared to Association Croquet it has much simpler rules. The main difference with Croquet - Golf is that your turn is a single shot, and then your opponent gets their turn. Players will follow a course contesting each hoop in turn, and as soon as one hoop is scored all the players will then move on to contest the next hoop. The game still requires skill and tactics like its big brother 'Association Croquet'.


Height 22 cm / 8 "
Width 100 cm / 39 "
Depth 41 cm / 16 14"
Weight 19 kg

Circa 1870