Antique Croquet Teapot

Antique Croquet Teapot



Croquet Teapot.
An English silver plated croquet tea pot with spirit warmer on stand. The pot stand is formed by two pairs of crossed croquet mallets, the teapot is designed as a croquet ball, a hoop forms the handle. A wonderful unusual spirit kettle that pivots on the stand to pour. The lid is stamped with a Diamond Registration Mark dating from 27th October 1871.

Teapot is 10 ½" high, 5 ½" in diameter.

A Diamond Registration Mark was issued with the registration number when a design was registered and showed that an item was designed in Britain and that the design had been registered. Diamond marks were issued by the Patent Office between 1842 and 1883 and meant that the person registering it had legal protection and gave copyright protection for 3 years for their design. The mark was in the shape of a diamond with numbers and letters marked at specific points to represent Year, Month, Day and Bundle (batch).

Diamond Registration Marks of 1842-1867 showed the Class of Material at the top of the diamond in numbers (1 was for Metal). Underneath that is a letter for The Year of Registration. Moving clockwise we have a number to indicate the day of the month, then another number which is the bundle or batch number. Next is a letter W to show the month.
In 1867 the key to the identification of Diamond Registration Marks changed slightly, although the class off material stayed at the top. Underneath the class of material we now have a number for the day of the month, moving clockwise again is a letter which is now for the year. At the bottom is a letter for the month and finally we have another number to indicate the bundle or batch number.


Height 36.5 cm / 14 12"
Width 18.5 cm / 7 "
Depth 19.5 cm / 7 34"



Circa 1880's


Silver plate



#7 - It's The Magic Number

Very good, but with a few dents.