Vintage Archery Longbow By Thomas Aldred,

Vintage Archery Longbow By Thomas Aldred,


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Vintage Long Bow by Thomas Aldred.
A very good laminated archery bow produced by the workshops of Thomas Aldred, London, which operated from 1846 to 1918. The bow is fitted with horn nocks and a green fabric handle. Just above the grip is the makers name 'Aldred, London', and below the number indicating the draw weight of this bow in lbs (not clearly stamped). A good bow in original condition with cord.

Photographed is a selection of bows we have in stock and are sold separately, please enquire about up to date stock. These were all part of a collection we acquired and there was an envelope in one of the items, this has been photographed and shows that the archery equipment came from Warwickshire.

The heydays of archery as a social recreation in the 19th century saw four stand out bow-makers. Of course there were others who, principally makers of umbrellas and fishing tackle etc., added bowery to their repertoires with varying degrees of success; but it was Thomas Waring, Thomas Aldred, James Buchanan and Peter Muir who many turned to for quality and quantity.

Thomas Aldred specialised in manufacturing yew bows. This was a lengthy operation that took five years to complete. Three years to cut and season the stave, one year to allow the glue for the handle splice to set and to roughly shape the bow, and a year for the finishing steps.


Height 169.5 cm / 66 34"







Aldred, London


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