Ski Poster, Raxbahn, Joseph Binder

Ski Poster, Raxbahn, Joseph Binder


Vintage Ski Poster, Raxbahn, Joseph Binder.
A well framed and mounted Austrian Tourism ski poster. The coloured 1929 lithograph is by renowned Austrian graphic designer, Joseph Binder. The striking poster is advertising Austria's first cable car, Raxbahn. The wording 'Zwei Stunden von Wien-Sudbahnhof. Hohe und Klima von St. Moritz und Rigi Kulm' runs along the bottom 'Two hours from Vienna', with binder's monogram.

Austria's first cable-car was a pioneering achievement and opened in the village of Hirschwang in 1926. It takes visitors to the extensive, high plateau of the Rax mountain range to a height of about 1,500 m. The Rax, together with the nearby Schneeberg, are a traditional mountaineering and mountain walking area separated by the deep valley Höllental (Hell Valley).

Joseph Binder (1898 – 1972) was an Austrian-born designer who trained as a lithographer. In 1922 he entered the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts and in 1924 he founded his own studio, Vienna Graphics. Binder designed posters, packaging, shop signs and logos and acquired a reputation as an advertising artist and poster designer. He acted as one of the founding members of the national Austrian designers association, Design Austria, in 1927. Design Austria continues to remember him through an international design competition, the Joseph Binder Award. The international competition was first launched in 1996 with the award being held every two years. Entries are assessed by an international jury of experts. In the mid 1930's he visited the United States as a guest lecturer and his international status grew as he began to be represented in poster exhibitions in New York and Tokyo with many of his designs winning first prize. In 1936 Joseph Binder settled in New York for good, becoming an American citizen in 1944. His clients included American Railroads, American Airlines, A&P Iced Coffee, Fortune and Graphics and in 1948 the U.S. Navy made him their art director and designer. In the 1960's Binder turned away from commercial graphic work and renewed his explorations in graphic works of art in the abstract style.


Height 93.5 cm / 37"
Width 62 cm / 24 "
Framed height 117.5 cm / 46 "
Framed width 85.5 cm / 33 34"



Late 1920's




very good