Royal Caledonian Curling Club Print

Royal Caledonian Curling Club Print


Royal Caledonian Curling Club, Medal Day.
A good un-framed Curling photogravure. The 'Diamond Jubilee Picture of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club' - 'Grand match between the north and south at Carsebreck 1898'. In 1899 the Royal Caledonian Curling Club celebrated its Diamond Jubilee. A painting was commissioned to celebrate the event, which The National Galleries of Scotland has owned since 1959. The original oil painting is by Charles Martin Hardie. The Photogravure by Goupil & Co., published in Paris 1901. The print does have some damage but is still an impressive image.
This is probably the grandest and rarest of the major curling subjects. The sixty-one figures are all portraits and a detailed key to their identities was published. Two women are present - Lady Gilmour and Mrs. Maxwell Durham - both seen at the far right. The Club owned the site at Carsebreck which was purposely flooded to form a safe sheet of ice for the Grand matches.

Charles Martin Hardie (1858 - 1916) was born in East Linton on the outskirts of Edinburgh. He was a member of the Royal Scottish Academy, and studied at the RSA Life School in Edinburgh. He was a Scottish painter of portraits, figurative subjects, landscapes and genre as well as historical paintings in both oils and water-colour.

Image size: 36 ¼ inches wide by 21 ¾ inches high.


Height 66.5 cm / 26 "
Width 99.5 cm / 39 "





United Kingdom


some damage but a rare print