Flexible Flyer, seldge

Flexible Flyer, seldge


Vintage Flexible Flyer sledge.
A very nice 'FLEXIBLE FLYER' No.251, patent 2105633, 'Airline Junior' made of ash with metal runners and steering. It is a 'genuine Flexible Flyer with safety-runners and super-steering'. Also marked on the underside of the sledge is 'Made in U.S.A. by S. L. Allen & Co. inc. Phila. PA. Manufacturers of Planet Jr Farm & Garden Tools Garden Tractors'.The decals are there but worn, a very nice sledge.

Samuel Leeds Allen patented the 'Flexible Flyer' at the end of the 19th Century in New Jersey, U.S.A. They were produced in his farm equipment factory to keep his workers busy in the off season. The sledges were very versatile as they could be used sat on or even laying horizontal on it. The steering could be operated by the cross bar with the rope attached or simply just with the feet or hands. Twisting the bar caused the front flexible runners to bend hence turning the sledge in the desired direction.


Height 127 cm / 50 "
Width 53.5 cm / 21 14"
Depth 15.5 cm / 6 "





very good