'Half Day' Krugger Motorcycle, Custom S&S 50th Anniversary Panhead. Harley Davidson.

'Half Day' Krugger Motorcycle, Custom S&S 50th Anniversary Panhead. Harley Davidson.

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Custom Krugger-built Softtail Motorbike - Half Day, 1522cc Panhead.
A bespoke custom built motorcycle by the renowned and award-winning Belgium custom builder Fred Bertrand of Krugger Motorcycles, whose workshop is a ten-minute ride from the legendary Spa race track. The bike was commissioned in 2007 in a deal struck when Fred appeared at the Goodwood Festival of speed. In no immediate hurry it was going to enter competitions and be used to promote 'Krugger Motorcycles'.
Krugger Motorcycles had been chosen by S&S Cycle as one of fifty entrants to enter their 50th anniversary build off, therefore the bike would be fitted with an S&S anniversary Panhead engine, one of only ten built and with a special serial number. It was a 4 day event at the La Crosse Octoberfest grounds and was a prestigious custom bike competition with virtually all the leading bike builders involved.
This Great Machine won the Panhead class against some of the best builders in the world.
Following that, it entered the AMD World Championships in Sturgis at the beginning of August and finished 13th, also it came 5th in the European round. Fred has since been given the accolade of world champion bike builder two times.

From the start this bike was to reflect a tribute to S&S company founder, George Smith. An avid drag racer, Smith could be found testing parts at Half Day Drag Strip just west of the town of Half Day, Illinois. With 'TRAMP' in mind, Smith's race bike, Krugger went to work on 'HALF DAY'.
Powering the oil in frame 'Half Day' is a limited edition S&S 93-ci P-Series engine of ten only available for the bikes in the build off. The bike was originally built without electric start, but it was sent back to Belgium for one to be fitted. The seat is covered in tooled leather by Xian leather in the U.S.A. January 2009 saw it registered in the UK, number KR55GER.

The bike has recently had a good overhaul by Jake Robbins Vintage Engineering in Hastings, tank internals refurbished, shock absorbers returned to France for full rebuild, new pads and disc carriers, new headlight and indicators, engine torn down to clean heads and decarbonisation, wheels re-powdercoated along with new drive belt and new battery.
The bike is a great starter and runner.

Taken from 'S&S Cycle Presents Today's Top Custom Bike Builders By Howard Kelly'.
Fred Bertrand of Krugger Motorcycles decided from the start his bike would reflect a tribute to company founder, George Smith. An avid drag racer when he started the company, Smith was the winning motorcycle rider at a track in Half Day, near his Blue Island Illinois, home. With a picture of 'TRAMP' - Smith's race bike - in mind, Krugger went to work on a frame. Rather than a ridgid, he built a Softail with well-hidden pivot points. The tiny chassis was constructed with a single downtube design that doubled as the oil tank. Support for the rear swingarm was done with cleverly mounted Fournales shocks. Beringer callipers provided an amazing amount of braking strength.
Powering his 'Half Day' creation is an S & S 93-ci P-Series engine. With an electronic ignition hidden in the timer cup, wild Krugger pipes, and the reliability these engines are known for, it was the perfect choice. Connecting power to the big back wheel is a Pro Clutch belt drive, H-D transmission modified by Krugger, and a chain final drive. Wrapping around the engine and under the frame is a Krugger-built gas tank that adds a speedy look to the bike. A bobbed rear fender, also Krugger built, barely covers the tall back wheel and hides a taillight in its upward flip. A consistent trim element throughout the bike is the use of drilled panels as heat shields on the pipes and as fillers in the frame neck, seat support, and frame panels. These drilled metal pieces add that look of going fast. 'Half Day' does a great job of reflecting back to the days when a motorcycle had to do it all: provide transportation on the street, win races, and get the rider back home.

From Bikernet.com/2015
Fred "Krugger" Bertrand is not a new player in the world of international motorcycle builders. At the age of five he had his first motorcycle and started racing at seven. At nineteen he ended his racing carrier and then started an apprenticeship in coach building. This included sheet metal repair, metal shaping, and painting. After completing this program, in two years, he then went on to work in Renault - Clio cup. In 2000 his job at Renault came to a close and Fred turned his attention to family and car restoration. With the support of his pals he opened his transformation workshop and since then he has been unstoppable. With winning over thirty awards and more than fifty articles written about his work, he has shown the world his abilities to produce some of the most innovative motorcycles anywhere.


Height 95 cm / 37 "
Width 88 cm / 34 34"
Depth 215 cm / 84 "









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