Antique Folding Games Table, Whist Table By Thornhill, London. Campaign Table.

Antique Folding Games Table, Whist Table By Thornhill, London. Campaign Table.


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Antique Bezique Card Table By Thornhill Of Bond Street.
A very nice mahogany folding games table with a green baize playing surface. There is one brass pullout draw for the score pegs set into the underside of the table. On the reverse of the draw is engraved 'Sole Manufacturers, W. Thornhill & Co., 144 New Bond StrT. London, Rd. 52608'. The top is hinged to the centre to enable it to fold up and the base is an X-frame, very similar to a coaching table or campaign table. There is a mahogany slide that clips in place when the table is open to stop it collapsing. Around the playing surface are two cribbage scoreboards and two sets of Bezique scoring clips. Each Bésigue set contains 27 clips some marked with scores in black 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 & 5000. The corners have some nice veneer work.

Measurements shown are for the table open, closed measurements are:-
37¼ inches high, 27 inches wide & 5½ inches deep.

Bezique (Bésigue) was developed in France and England in the 1860's, certain combinations of cards score various points, and the player with the most points wins.


Height 73.5 cm / 29"
Width 68.5 cm / 27 14"
Depth 66 cm / 26 14"



C. 1890




United Kingdom


W. Thornhill & Co.

Christmas 2020

The table is in nice condition. The original green baize with staining. The Bezique scoring clips do not work.