Vintage Ice Pick, John Baird Tyson, OBE

Vintage Ice Pick, John Baird Tyson, OBE


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Vintage Ice Axe, Kuno Rainer.
A good Austrian '
Kuno Rainer' ice axe, belonging to John Baird Tyson (1928 - 2014), OBE. He was an adventurous and daring mountaineer admired for his exploration and surveying of the dangerous Kanjiroba Himal region of West Nepal in the 1960's. The handle is made from ash with a good steel pick (slightly serrated) and with a good adze. This is a fine quality Austrian ice pick in good used condition. The head stamped 'Himalaya - Pickel, Modell, Kuno Rainer' in an oval on one side, the other has the remains of a retailers name, possibly Robert Lawrie Ltd, London. The black & white photographs shown are being sold with (28388) a Kanjiroba Mountaineering Porters Tea Chest & 'Stubai' Ice Axe also belonging to John B. Tyson.
The 'Kuno Rainer' model ice pick was made by Felix Ralling, a blacksmith based in Austria. Kuno Rainer being an Austrian Mountain Guide who was involved in the first expedition to climb Nanga Parbat in the Himalaya.

Ice axes are multipurpose tools used by mountaineers in both the ascent and descent.

The five black and white photographs shown are part of another collection of John B. Tyson items we have for sale. The original photos go with (28388) a Kanjiroba Mountaineering Porters Tea Chest & 'Stubai' Ice Axe. We will supply copies of the originals to go with this 'Kuno Rainer' ice axe.


Height 82 cm / 32 12"
Width 27.5 cm / 10 "
Depth 5.5 cm / 2 14"



Circa 1930's






Located in possessions of John Tyson by his son.



Good condition, head with pitted patina.