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Wicker Picnic Basket


Category: Accessories

Subcategory: General

Vintage Picnic Set.
A charming wicker basket four person picnic set with metal carry handles on both sides and a lockable metal bar at the front. The contents are held in place in the lid by leather strapping and in the base by an internal wicker and wire framework. The set is incomplete but this does not really affect the usefulness of this picnic set; the items could easily be replaced.

The set contains the following:
1 copper kettle with spirit burner
4 knives & forks
4 tea spoons
4 8' round enamelled plates
2 all metal containers
1 'Coracle' stoneware container with metal lid
4 saucers, 1 cup
2 glass beakers in wicker protective case
2 glass containers with plastic screw lids in wicker protective case
2 metal mesh loose leaf tea infusers

  • Year: Circa 1910
  • Period: 1900-1949

  • Dimensions:
    H 22cm x W 60cm x D 36cm
    H 8½" x W 23½" x D 14"

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Condition: The interior base is damaged, see images.
    It is still strong and usable. Some items are missing and some are replaced.
  • Reference Number: 27265