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The Fallowfield Hunt, The Hunt Breakfast


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The Hunt Breakfast by Cecil Aldin.
This is one of Cecil Aldin's most famous hunting series 'The Fallowfield Hunt' which tells the story of a days hunting. It was a sequence of six pictures, The Hunt Breakfast at the Three Pigeons, Breaking Cover, Full Cry, A Check, The Death and finally The Hunt Supper. This origin lithograph prints depicts the start of the hunting day, The Hunt Breakfast. As with a lot of Aldin's pictures there are touches of humour, depicting five gentlemen rushing their breakfast whilst the hunt is about to set off outside the Inn. The dogs are peering through the door as if to say hurry up. A great Fox Hunting picture with great colouring and in their original shaped arts and crafts oak frames. The frame itself is a work of art with the title and a hunting whip and hunting horn carved into it.
The picture has been removed from the frame, glass cleaned etc and put back with new backing. The original trade label from Rudolph Ackermann, London has been retained and put on the new back.

  • Year: 1899 - 1900
  • Period: C. 1900

  • Dimensions:
    H 53cm x W 76cm
    H 21" x W 30"

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Condition: Excellent and in the original arts and crafts oak frame.
  • Reference Number: 27403