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Tennis Flicker Book, Betty Nuthall


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Tennis Flicker Book, No.8. Betty Nuthall demonstrates the Drop Volley and Service. Published by SLAZENGERS, Ltd., London. On the rear page of this flicker book is an advert for Frank Bird Limited. Indoor & Outdoor Games. Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Fishing, Swimming, etc. 27 King Street, Sheffield. In good condition.

Produced by Flicker Productions Ltd., 113b Earl's Court Road, London, SW5, phone Frobisher 3277

Flickers teach the game.
The sports covered in the first series are as follows:-

Don Bradman
No. 1 On Drive and Off Drive
No. 2 Square Cut and Late Cut
No. 3 Leg Glance and Pull
C.V. Grimmett
No. 4 Leg Break Delivery and Leg Break Finger Spin
No. 5 Googly Delivery and Off Break Finger Spin

Miss Betty Nuthall
No. 7 Forehand & Backhand Drives
No. 8 Drop Volley and Service
H.W. Austin
No. 9 Forehand & Backhand Drives
No. 10 Service and Smash

Bobby Jones
No. 11A Drive and Mashie
No. 11B Brassie and Iron
No. 11C Out the Rough and Putt
C.J.H. Tolley
No. 12 Drive and Iron Shots

La Crosse
Miss Lockley
No. 13 Body Checking, Dodging, Shooting and Passing
Gallacher and Cheyne
No. 14 Goal and Header

No. 15 High Dives

Miss K. Doman
No. 16 Fielding with Hand and Push Pass. Fielding and Drive

Willie Smith
No. 17 Cue Grip and Bridge
Sidney Smith
No. 18 Masse and Close Cannons
Miss Joyce Gardener (Womens Champion) and Willie Smith
No. 19 In off the Red. Postman's Knock Cannon

Greyhound Racing
Famous Greyhounds
No. 20 Jumping hurdles

  • Year: 1930
  • Dimensions:
    H 8cm x W 5.5cm
    H 3" x W 2"

  • Reference Number: 13794