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Long Nose Golf Club By Charlie Hunter


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Antique Long Nose Golf Club.
A superb beechwood long nosed scared-head golf club stamped 'C Hunter'. The polished head with lead weight to the rear and traditional horn slip along the leading edge of the sole which has a full brass sole plate. The hickory shaft and sheepskin grip are original (some of the grip is missing). This is a very nice example of a long nose golf club from the 1880's in excellent condition made by the famous Prestwick professional and club maker 'Charlie Hunter'.
Also professional at Royal Blackheath Golf Club for a brief period.
Head size:- 4 ¼' long, 1 ¼' high, 1 ¾' deep.

The early clubs are made with long slender shallow-faced heads with a hickory shaft glued to the head by means of a splice or scare joint. This joint is then further strengthened by whipping with a pitched thread. All beautifully hand made by craftsmen of the time.

  • Year: Circa 1880's
  • Dimensions:
    H 109.5cm
    H 43"

  • Medium: Hickory
  • Country: Scotland
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Reference Number: 27076