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Ben Sayers Hickory Shafted Benny Putter

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Category: Golf

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Hickory Shafted Golf Club, Benny Putter, Ben Sayers.
A good example of a Benny putter made by Ben Sayers, North Berwick. The club with original hickory shaft with polished leather grip. It is an unusual shaft with the bottom half being round and then terminating into a square shape up to and including the handle (matching the square edges of the grip to the blade to make for greater accuracy). The head is offset and smooth face with a grooved sole. The rear of the club head is stamped with Ben Sayers autograph, the word BENNY PUTTER, hand forged in Scotland and rustless.

  • Dimensions:
    H 89cm
    H 35"

  • Reference Number: 26685