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Balle au Gant Glove

Category: Tennis and Racquet Sports

Subcategory: Rackets

Rare Racket Glove.
An extremely rare 'Racket Glove' known as 'le casserole' for the game of Balle au Gant. The game is very similar to Sieve Ball and La Balle au Tamis, games played mainly in the north of France and Belgium. The game also utilises a sieve or tambourine for serving from. The sieve 'tamis' is very similar to a drum but has three legs and stands on the ground. It is thought a black tarpaulin is also used within the game to help the players see the small ball. This glove dates from the late 19th century and is made of leather with hardened leather 'cup' and has holes at the back for lacing up the glove to secure it to the hand.

  • Year: Circa 1880
  • Period: 1850-1899

  • Dimensions:
    H 24.5cm x W 15.5cm x D 11cm
    H 9½" x W 6" x D 4¼"

  • Medium: Leather
  • Country: France
  • Condition: excellent
  • Reference Number: 26710