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Anderson's 'Triumph' Putter


Category: Golf

Subcategory: Clubs

Hickory 'Triumph' Putter.
An unusual diamond back 'Triumph' putter by D. Anderson & Sons. The club head has an unusual profile, the rear of the blade being shallow at both the heel and toe but getting thicker as it approaches the center sweet-spot. Also the blade is slightly triangular in shape, being higher at the center. The rear stamped 'Triumph, D. Anderson & Sons, St. Andrews, Special, warranted hand forged'. The club head is pitted and has line face markings and is attached to the original hickory shaft.

  • Year: C. 1920
  • Dimensions:
    H 87cm
    H 34¼"

  • Medium: Hickory
  • Country: Scotland
  • Condition: Good but pitted.
  • Reference Number: 27070