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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Golf - Balls & Bags


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Antique Hickory Golf Club, Brassie, Alex Patrick, Leven.
A good original 1920's persimmon wood socket head driver with hickory shaft and suede leather grip. The head marked 'Alex Patrick, Apex, Leven, 'The Pug'. The club head has lead weight to the rear, a full brass sole plate and a face insert with five securing pegs.

Alex Patrick (1845 – 1930) served his club making apprenticeship under his father at Leven from 1857, which his father, John a cabinet maker, started in 1847. Upon his fathers death (1886) Alex inherited the family business. In the same year he left Scotland for the Royal Wimbledon Golf Club to become the professional and green keeper there. The Leven business continued while he was away, run by an employee, and he returned in 1891. The Patrick's were renowned clubmakers, they also eventually began to sell balls, making hand-hammered gutta percha balls in the 1890's.

H 107 cm
H 42"

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