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W. Ottway & Co. Ltd. Single Draw Telescope.
An ex-military single draw heavy-duty telescope made of brass with leather covering. The telescope is with leather shoulder strap, leather protective lens caps at both ends and an integral swivel dust cover for the eyepiece. The leather casing and the barrel are marked with a broad arrow (crows foot) indicating that it was Government Issue. Engraved on the first draw is 'PATT. 12100, W. Ottway & Co. Ltd., Ealing, London. 1944, No. 1238.NP45'. Internally the sight and magnification are great, and externally the condition of the leather on the telescope is excellent. It is made to a high quality and would be great for any number of outdoor pursuits, such as hunting, shooting, deer stalking or bird watching.

Extended length including sunshade 35 ½ inches, Closed 28 ¼ inches.

H 74 cm x Dia. 8 cm
H 29" x Dia. 3"

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