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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Fishing - Rods and reels


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Hardy "The Fairchild" Palakona Fishing Rod.
A fine trout fly fishing rod by Hardy of Alnwick, The Fairchild. This is a good 9'6" split cane 3 piece rod with original spare tip and is in good condition with a partial registration number B 6??3 (possibly dating it to 1916). It has the inscription spiralling around the rod 'The Fairchild Rod. Palakona Regd, 246936'. The rod has been professional restored with a replaced cork grip and alloy reel ring. The alloy butt has a screw holding it into place and bears Hardy's details. The Hardy rod is with 'Agatipe' rings at the end and butt with intermediate 'snake' rings, silk whipping, bronze ferrules, suction joints, cork handle with alloy screw reel fitting.

Showing is also a Hardy's Anglers' Guides catalogue entry for the rod.

These rods are very light and at the same time powerful enough to kill fairly large trout.
Action:- Easy, for wet fly.
Pieces:- Three with two tops. 'Palakona' split-bamboo.
Handle:- 10 ½ ins. Cork covered, plain shaped.
Joints:- Suction.
Ring:- Butt and end Agatipe, intermediate 'Snake'.
Tyings:- Ordinary spaced narrow bands, green silk.
Reel Fittings & Furnishings:- 'W' housing and adjustable ring.
Container:- Sateen partition bag in aluminium case.

H 290 cm
H 114"

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