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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Games


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Table Croquet Set in Cardboard Box.
The Game of Table Croquet set by Harborne, England. This miniature set is similar in every way to a full sized set but made for use on either a dining or billiard table. The mallet heads are made of boxwood and the full length of each is 9 ¼ inches. The game comprises of 4 mallets, 4 coloured wooden balls, 6 metal hoops on stands, 2 wooden posts all in original blue cardboard box. The rules of croquet and golf croquet are printed on the inside of the lid. The box needs a little attention but is otherwise in good fair condition.

Table Croquet was likely the invention of the Victorians who had a craze for all sorts of parlour games. A whole number of indoor/parlour games were invented, this included miniaturised versions of the popular outdoor games at the time, including bowls and croquet. These games were manufactured by the great games manufacturers of the time such as John Jaques and F. H. Ayres.

H 8 cm x W 27 cm x D 18 cm
H 3" x W 10½" x D 7"

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