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Vintage Velvet 1909 Trinity College Dublin, Cap.
A wonderful six-panel black and burgundy velvet cap. The college cap is in fine condition with gold braid trim and tassel. It also has a gold braid embroidered date of '1909' on the peak, '1910, 1911' on the side panels and the college crest of Trinity College, University of Dublin, on the front panel. The crest comprises of a lion and harp above a castle and Bible. This cap was the property of James Acheson (name on the inside), Trinity College, Dublin.

Resin display block not included but available to purchase priced at £110 + VAT.

His granddaughter stated that family legend had it he was an excellent sportsman both at school and college. He was also a linguist speaking German and later, Urdu/Hindustani.

Listed in Who's Who 1948 (along with his sister, an RA sculptress) and I can give you this summary of his life:
ACHESON, James Glasgow, C.I.E., born 1889, son of John Acheson, J.P. Portadown, Co.Armagh, N.Ireland. Educated: St Andrews College and Trinity College, Dublin. Married 1917 in Meerut, India to Violet Catherine French Field. Two sons, two daughters.
Entered Indian Civil Service, 1913; posted to United Provinces in 1917; transferred to Political Service in 1921; Political Agent, North Waziristan 1924-26; Deputy Secretary to Government of India in the Foreign Department on Deputation to Imperial Defence College, 1929-30. Deputy Commissioner, Peshawar, 1932-34;  Resident (in this case 'Resident' meaning the senior political official for the British Government) in Waziristan, 1935-37; Political Resident on the North West Frontier, 1937-39; Revenue and Judicial Commissioner in Baluchistan, 1939-42; Adviser to the Governor, North West Frontier Province, 1942;  Resident in Kashmir 1942-45.  Control Commission for Germany Schleswig-Holstein (Kiel), 1946.
Partner in fruit farm in Herefordshire, 1949- 73.  Died 1973.

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