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Sport Antiques Catalogue - Antique Golf - Figures & Novelty items


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Antique Golf Club Walking Stick, Sunday Club.
A desirable walking cane with the handle in the shape of a golf club head. The gentleman's walking stick has a persimmon club head with a pegged horn insert and a lead weight to the rear as the handle. The socket head is attached to a hickory shaft with brass ferrule end. Maker unknown but made by a craftsman.

The ban on golfing on the Sabbath, Sunday, had the effect of the club makers producing walking sticks for canny golfers. They fashioned the canes with a golf club head as a handle and they became known as 'Sunday Clubs' or 'Sabbath sticks'. It is said that on the Sabbath a Sunday Club owner, when nobody was looking, could still enjoy a crafty putt or swing.

H 81.5 cm
H 32"

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